Domination is a conceptual rate band formed in Argentina. Ariel, Denis and Pablo want to show some hidden tales, based on world’s revolutions and human evolution – The first tale represented in lyrics and music was named “Doom In Nation”.
DOMINATION was born in 2011 in the city of Buenos Aires after having shared stage in a tribute to DIO. At 3 months of having started with the original lineup, they decided to enter the recording studio to record the first EP called Testimony that features 3 songs and a cover. After having released several live shows, they started to work on their first LP which was released in August of 2013.


Has been recorded at Doble B studios and has the special participation of Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray) on the voices of “In Front of Reality – Follow the beat of your heart”. The people protest in Petrograd on October 1917, and it naturally leads to the downfall of the Russian Empire. The people and social classes were divided in red, with communists and revolutionaries, and white, with proto-fascist, capitalists, nationalists and others such as right-wing or Mensheviks, who opposed to Bolsheviks. While red revolution is prepared, the white army enlists allied aid. This great armies were supported by foreign powers such as the United Kingdom and United States, which actively participated in the battlefield. An american assassin was hired to awoke the killing of enemy Bolshevik leaders. In the heat of civilians battle, innocent people dying in every confrontation, and on another end, several missions were accomplished on the shadows. Consequences are shown on battlefields, streets, everywhere, with unnecessary deaths, increasing day by day. Suffering of innocent people, cruel devastation, death of young children, make the hidden soldier rethink the meaning of the war results. In the end, Max finds the way to reveal tyrannic mandate and create a new balance in the outcome of the struggle. At last comes the betrayal and his subsequent death. .



In 2014, after the release of the Album, Domination focused on a World Tour to promote the album. The tour took place in 6 countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Spain. 19 cities: Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Subotica, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Campulung, Varna, Ruse, Sofia, Craiova, Apatin, Madrid, Asturias, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia y Sevilla.
A total of 29 tour dates.


Now DOMINATION is working on the composition of the second album and the production of the new EP which will be recorded since February of 2015.


An emotional disorder during Alice's adolescence modified her behavior and her social parameters in significant way. She was abducted by lust, fear and pain mixed with pleasure into that experience. Changing her life, acquiring a double life with the intention for satisfy every new desire of lust, and in secret her needs for revenge. My name in Alice starts by the end with: “Run (go away)”, that is the end of the story. She tried to redeem her soul with another life kind. “Nymphomaniac” is the background of Alice´s second life, she wants it, she desires it, she wishes it, she needs it, she believes in it. “No more toys” is almost the beginning of Alice´s travel to the wonderland, making it perfect for the consequences. .